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Course And Training

Northern Avenue Solutions provides seminars, trainings and courses in various fields of IT and Personal Developments. The modules are customized by needs of the target groups or participants including beginner, intermediate and advance modules.

Currently we provide courses and trainings for various market segments including primary and secondary students, private and public institutions, corporate training as well as certain programs to suit the general public.

We offer training in the following areas:-

Information And Communication Technology

  • Starting an Online Business Course
  • Expanding Existing Local Business Online Course
  • Web Sites Designing and Development Course
  • Electronic Commerce Application Course
  • Online Security Course
  • Effective Online Marketing Course
  • Effective Web Pages Copywriting Course
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advance Computer Skills Course
  • Facebook For Business
  • Internet Marketing
  • ICT Marketing
  • Ecommerce - Practical Application

Personal And Human Development

  • Student Success Learning Skill
  • Career Skill Development Training
  • Life/Survival Skill Development Training
  • Motivational Courses
  • Human Development
  • Metabrain Training
  • Motivational Training
  • Self Awarenes Training
  • Self Profiling
  • Mastering Oneself